3 Tips For Staying Focused Under Pressure

Staying Focused Why did I start?I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on why I started my blog, sometimes you have to remind yourself of why you started and remember the goals you set.

DistractionsThe main reason why I didn’t stay focused before because I was distracted. There will always be distractions, I learned how to deal with my distractions now I’m in a much better place.

Discipline I didn’t have any discipline, you have to be honest with yourself especially when you don’t see the growth.
I would always ask myself why am I in the same place? Sis, because you don’t have any discipline and you aren’t changing your bad habits.
Discipline is not easy, you have to work at it everyday and make a choice.

As J.Cole would say “Choose Wisely”
Your choices define your values!

I CAN DO IT and I Will DO IT!
Whenever I feel like giving up, I talk myself out of it and speak on all the reasons why I can’t stop and why I started.

My Outfit

So in love with these Zara High Wasted pants, I found them for under $15 at TJ-MaXX, a STEAL right?

I love Zara, they always have the most intriguing patterns with the perfect color pop. The blue is what caught my eye. I paired it with this pink crop to add some fun to the outfit since I decided to pair with a blue pump.

Where to wear?

Network Mixer – People are attracted to prints and colors, it’ll definitely make you stand out!

Anywhere, were you’re aiming to stand out and be unapologetically bold!

I linked some similar items below!

Thanks so much for reading!

With Love – Yalaina E’lori

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