Shifting Your Paradigm

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Cheers to new beginnings and finishing what I started. In 2013 I never imagined this blog/website becoming everything that it is now, a living document to share my life, style, wellness, and health tips. So many things in store I wanted this new site to reflect the new direction and path that I am currently on in life. Very intentional about every single thing I put out into the universe now.

You are the co-creator of your life, take your power back.

I took a much needed break, in this time I really got clear on purpose and how I wanted to move forward with content. 2020 was truly a year of clarity and made me realize that a lot of things, people, and habits could not continue on my journey with me. Most importantly I let go of paradigms that no longer served my higher self. If “I’m back and I’m better” was a person it’s ME! My main goal is to uplift and raise the frequency and vibration of anything and anyone connected to me. So, moving forward we are talking more wellness, shifting paradigms, positive affirmations and just real life in general. 

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Everything and everyone is not meant to go with you in every stage of your life, the sooner I realized this the quicker I was able to move in alignment with my higher self. Anything is possible, as long as you believe. I really have been checking things off my dream list! Taking time away, and disconnecting have been pivotal for my growth and I highly recommend to do so when necessary. I am grateful to say that I am no longer operating out of an egotistical and scarcity place. My intentions on how I want to move forward with my life and are more clearer than ever, although this may change as life changes. I am dedicated to my soul growth in this lifetime. I truly believe once you are open to learning and accepting that there is always better, you are always committed to shifting your paradigm. 

I’m so excited to continue my journey with blogging and producing content that is good for the soul. I have so many great plans in store for you all. Please make sure you are subscribed to email list to receive all updates.

How To Shift Your Paradigm for an Abundant Life

Abundance: The act of having more than what you need to share.

When I think of abundance, I’m not just speaking money but also joy, happiness, health, and peace. What is a paradigm shift?

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Definition of paradigm shift

formalan important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way. //This discovery will bring about a paradigm shift in our understanding of evolution.

Shifting your paradigm is not as easy as it seems, I must admit from a personal standpoint, change is so damn uncomfortable. The part most people don’t warn you about is the grieving process of the old you and realizing the old you just ain’t cutting it. Once I choose to really shift my paradigm, life was not smooth sailing experience. I’m a firm believe in trust the process but when shifting feels heavier than staying the same WHEW! Shifting my paradigm was very dark at first, because you realize that nothing will ever be the same. Everything that once was, will never be again. Everything that is no longer in alignment will begin to fall off the worst of the growing pains. After shifting and moving out of the uncomfortable phase, there is sunshine, happiness, and so much clarity. You will reach a point where you realize that everything you went through was so worth it. Too have a strong and burning desire to change your life because the old reality was not working, we all know when life is just not working and we need to change. A’lot of you have asked me how I maintain my happiness and be positive. So, I really wanted to be transparent because the death of the old me, and my ego is the only process that allowed me to truly reach true freedom mentally.

What It Took For Me To Really Shift

  • Changing old habits
  • Creating a plan of action, (Habits I wanted to change, changing thought patterns)
  • Allowing my self to feel and heal
  • Not Rushing through the process of learning my true self
  • Made journaling an everyday habit
  • The list goes on, I’m going to elaborate more on this in a video (Subscribe to my youtube channel here)

If you made it this far much gratitude for reading! With love, Yalaina E’lori

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